img1516630001152I’m Prudence ‘Prudee M’ Makhura.  Though  born  and bred in South Africa, I  live in my writings. I’m  passionate  about simple words, which when put together, create  a  powerful meaning.  My  story  is  quite simple. After  love  tripped me and I fell, it’s like the sun had never set. What  I see now my natural   eyes   have  become   blind   to.  It’s  a  sight  only  a receiving heart can develop eyes for. I call LOVE a beautiful scene   that   I’m  continuously  setting  before  you.  It’s  one where  I  reach  into  my  past  in order to teach lessons, also one   where   I   expose   my   present   in   order   to  make  a difference   by   showing   you   how   different   things  have become.

Love and Feelings is a revelation of love and how it makes us feel. It’s the truth about the body when it remembers the spirit and the soul. It’s for everyone who is ready to venture into a realm only human beings are able to bring into existence. This realm is called love.
With that much power in us, we can unleash who we truly are by understanding how we feel through a study of this thing called love.

Through poems mostly, I wish to show everyone what they’re getting themselves into when they fall in love. When feelings take over your body, it’s a possession. You need to contain feelings to be able to understand them, and you need to understand feelings to be able to contain them. Poems are actually a system of mine that I chose to help myself and everybody intrigued by knowing love and how it makes us feel.  My book THE 1st Diary POEMS does a great job at this.


The 1st Diary POEMSTHE 1st diary POEMS is a celebration of heart meets love. It’s written to show you how deeper in love you can fall while keeping the same smile of old. It’s intended to reach that deepest part of your heart where love planted a seed that grows big, the same part where love grows your needs so it never stops giving.

THE 1st diary POEMS is the revelation of love and how it progresses from the unseen to endless possibilities of what you could ever imagine love to be. Included in the book are the following: Love is a reminder that you once wished for something good to happen. Love is a blank picture that is never short of ink. Love is the greatest gamble that’ll win you an even greater life. My wish with THE 1st diary POEMS is to take you on my journey of love that began as a hopeful one. It’s a journey of butterflies in my stomach when their season hasn’t even begun, countless scintillating stars all around, that full moon that shines brighter at night than the sun ever could. It’s about any dream that matures enough until it brings reality into your arms.

The first poem I wrote for this book is “Heartbeat”. It’s a representation of the little things we usually take for granted. Heartbeat gave me an idea of how to put the book together, what it’ll be about and what message it’ll convey. And putting it simply – love and how it makes us feel.

I recommend THE 1ST Diary POEMS for anyone looking to have eternal goosebumps that’ll serve as a reminder of the best choice they made of falling in love, the best choice they made of staying married, and the best choice they made of choosing forever. The 1st Diary POEMS is a must read.

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